"I listen to music that I know, ten or twenty years from now, will still be relevant and awesome. Consequently, that’s what I want to write. I grew up on folks like Stevie Wonder, Eagles, James Taylor, etc. so you might hear some of that in my music or you might not. Either way, I hope you like it. If you don’t like it, go listen to those folks. YOU GOTTA LIKE THEM.”

Tom graduated from the Baldwin-Wallace Conservatory of Music just south of Cleveland, OH with a degree in drums/percussion. While in school, he gained attention from local newspapers and radio stations with his self-released, “Uplift EP” Upon graduation in 2011, he relocated to Nashville, TN to record with producer, Warren Whitten at the world-renown Tracking Room Studio on Music Row, as well as The Brown Owl Studio. This EP sparked Tom’s strong beginnings as a Nashville artist.

As of April 1, 2013, a new record was released, showcasing Tom’s unique style and ability to tiptoe across genre norms. It was recorded with producer, Gus Berry at Berrytown Studios in Nashville. Tom is quickly gaining attention throughout Nashville as he performs locally with many up and coming artists. Tom tours solo and also, quite a bit with other artists (i.e. Emily Earle), performing all over the U.S. You can download his new album FOR FREE: HERE

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